1. 'ImgBin' refers to this website ( and staff who operate this website
2. 'User' refers to any person who is using ImgBin's services
3. 'File' refers to any document that has the potential to be uploaded to ImgBin by the User

Terms of Service

ImgBin reserves the right to remove and/or replace any files with no reason or warning at any time.

By using ImgBin's service you as a user agree that;

1. You will not upload any images that could be considered explicit, offensive or grotesque. This includes, but is not limited to; pornographic, spam and harassment images.
2. You will not upload any images that break any United States Laws. This includes, but is not limited to, images that are in copyright without permission of the copyright holder.
3. You will not upload any files that are not an acceptable image type
4. ImgBin reserves the right to ban users and domain names from ImgBin and from using ImgBin's services at any time without giving reasons or warnings.

Privacy Policy

All information provided by the user is strictly confidential and is gathered purely for statistical and operational reasons and will only be shared with a third party if there is a violation of the Terms of Service, the user has committed unlawful acts or ImgBin otherwise deems it necessary.


ImgBin is not liable for any damage caused to any persons and/or companies as a result to any image hosted on ImgBin's servers. All files hosted by ImgBin are copyright to their respective owners and ImgBin fully directs all legal responsibility of uploaded files to their respective users.


ImgBin offers no guarantee to provide uninterrupted service to its users and is not liable for any loss to users for any reason including any downtime that may occur.