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Development Updates

2nd February 2009

Moving servers

Imgbin is moving to a new host that, with a bit of luck, will be even faster than the old one. During the cross-over period, some people will be able to upload images and other people won't. This is while we wait for our DNS records to propagate all around the world. All images that were uploaded before the 2nd of Feb will continue to work for everyone even during the switch over period, but images uploaded on or after the 2nd of Feb will only be visible to people who are also capable of uploading images here. Again, this will fix itself once the world's DNS servers know where our site is.

Other changes

There are some other changes on the horizon too. Tagging images was more of a personal exercise and an experimental feature of the website. I wasn't expecting it to be overly popular as this site is for people who just want to upload their development pictures for a few days, not for people to store pictures for the long term and needing to search them. For this reason, the tagging feature will soon be removed from the website and a new design is also in the works. The current design was designed to be functional, but not aesthetically pleasing, so stay tuned for a face lift.

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